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Welcome to MAYURA INC.
                          ................a process driven company

MAYURA is a one stop software company which took shape in 2001 in the minds of like minded professionals who wanted to facilitate the hidden talents in bringing out their expertise to limelight of the Silicon Valley. Hence we welcome each and every individual to MAYURA who wants to grow and achieve their great ambition in the IT field. We welcome in terms of finding a right job suiting their talents, we welcome those who wants to execute the projects associating with MAYURA believing in its principles.

This would be the perfect platform for anybody and everybody who wants to grow along with us without any bureaucracy, delay and with standard process.

MAYURA is a process driven company. It goes with drawing the strategic plan, detail analysis, listing the tasks to be achieved in compliance with the plan taking into the constraints like time, money, resource, technology etc, putting the action in place to achieve the set tasks and a periodic review to see the system is working as it is intended to be

We understand time is very important factor for the success in any kind of project. We work towards zero delay time. We have set up a standard process where there is no room for delay and hence accomplish the tasks at the right time

We understand cost is the other factor which has to be monitored carefully in order to be in compliance with the budget plan of the project. We believe monitoring is not possible until and unless we measure what needs to be monitored. Optimum usage of the resources is one of our principles

We believe in cutting edge technology. It is the powerful tool which has to be always kept updated and used in order to be distinguished with the competitors and stay ahead in the cut throat competition

MAYURA is a consulting company in the area of supplying the right manpower to its esteemed clients at the right time and thus helping them to succeed in their projects and achieving their goals and mission

We in MAYURA understand that our success comes from the success and satisfaction of our clients. Hence our focus is always towards customer satisfaction

MAYURA intends to grow as product based company in near future.
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